Monday, May 21, 2012

SEGA Master System Sofa

SEGA Master System Sofa 01

SEGA Master System Sofa 02

I am ashamed to say that right up until I discovered this sofa, I would not believe That i've ever even read about the SEGA Master System. I were required to hit up Wikipedia just to find out about the item which is some thing I hardly ever have to do. Anyways, apparently there may be at least one hard core Master System fan all over and unsurprisingly they have a home in France. A French online game blogger's wife made this amazing SEGA Master System sofa and controller pillows for your ex and they search amazing! If you have any loving memories of this console or maybe any beloved games I would know about, let me know in the feedback as I am going over to Ebay to pick up one of these methods!

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