Saturday, October 20, 2012

LUNATIK Touch Pen Makes Transitioning Between Paper and iPad Smooth – Hands-On Accessory Review

A good businessperson will know how important it is to always be prepared with pen and paper. If you use the iPad for freehand note taking, sketching, or even digital painting, you probably own a multitude of styluses to suit your needs. The LUNATIK Touch Pen serves two purposes by being a hybrid of a stylus and an ink pen.

This ingenious idea for combining a stylus and a pen is not a new one. However, it is rare to see a hybrid whose writing points are on the same side. Most stylus/ink pen combinations have the soft rubber tip on one side and the ink pen on the other. The Touch Pen makes transitioning from paper to tablet that much easier.

The brushed aluminum design of the Alloy Touch Pen is sleek and classy. It comes in silver, black or red. The circumference of the pen is about the same as a Sharpie, which I prefer. The thickness of the pen may be a turnoff for some, but it makes more sense to me to have a thick stylus on the iPad.

The pen is weighted well. It is slightly heavier at the top, making it feel like a classy executive pen. The retractable top mechanism is also made from sturdy aluminum. The clip will not break easily. I don't suggest you try chewing on this thing.

The ink itself is 0.7 mm medium point gel ink and the pen tip writes fairly smooth. I'd say it is better than your typical bulk office pen, but not as nice as an executive ballpoint pen. I like using it, but I don't love using it.

The lower half of the barrel is covered with a soft silicone rubber grip. The extra rubber helps warm the tip and also acts as a cushion for your handwriting needs.

The stylus works fantastically for drawing, sketching, freehand writing and coloring. I tested it out with Sketchbook Pro, GoodReader's annotation feature, My Coloring Book, and Penultimate, and it performed perfectly in every way.

It didn't work quite as well for basic tap and swipe purposes. For example, when I first started using the stylus on my iPad, it wouldn't swipe between screens unless I had it held at a 45-degree angle from the tablet. Interestingly, the more I used the stylus, the better it worked. I think its performance is directly connected to how warm the rubber gets. Be sure to keep the pen in your hand for a few minutes before trying to use it for tapping and swiping.

Overall, this pen works great and feels high quality. It looks classy and reminds me of an executive pen. The ink is better than bulk pens, but not as good as fancy pens. The stylus performs outstanding for writing, sketching, and coloring, but is less responsive as just a tap and swipe tool until you've warmed the barrel.

What I liked: I love the way it looks. I feel like a boss when I hold this sturdy, yet sophisticated, pen in my hand.

What I didn't like: I didn't like that the stylus wasn't very responsive to tap and swipe gestures until I had been using it for a while. It makes me think it won't work very well in the winter.

The Verdict: As a pen and a stylus, it works great. You can transition from paper to tablet with just one click. At $39.99, it is a bit pricey, but the Touch Pen is designed and constructed with great attention to detail, making it worth the cost. This would make a great gift for your boss.

  • Name: LUNATIK Alloy Touch Pen
  • Manufacturer: LUNATIK
  • Price: $39.99
  • Score:

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