Saturday, May 4, 2013

Add More Humidity

If you work in a decent sized building odds are that your air is recycled like crazy. Every try jogging up the stairs of an office building or tall hotel? After about 10 floors you feel a burn in your lungs attributed to the lack of humidity in stairwells. Imagine what the nasty air does to your system! Not to mention static. Yuck. has a couple options that will help you try to make the air more natural and breathable - one for the techno type and one for the artistic type.

If you enjoy using your computer power try out the USB-powered Personal Humidifier for $24.98. A full, 4 ounce tank will get you 4 hours of humidity. So you won't worry about saturating your laptop with mist. If you forget to unplug it or have a meeting run late

don't worry it will shut itself off after 2 hours or when the tank is empty. Traveler alert! It is small enough to stash in a suitcase or computer bag too. Finally! A cure for dry hotel rooms.

For those of you that prefer a more artistic approach to generating humidity try the Decora Room Humidifiers. The porous ball inside the reservoir bowl gently and naturally release humidity via evaporation. You simply get to look at an artistic addition to your room, office, cubicle or wherever. A set of two run $24.98. Whether you want the technical & portable route or the more natural process don't let your humidity levels drop thanks to heating and poor air quality.
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