Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing the official iMore Forums app for iPhone and iPad!

Introducing the official iMore Forums app for iPhone and iPad!

iMore Forums for iPhone and iPad is FREE in the App Store! Download now!

The official iMore Forums app is here! That's right -- the second part in our epic iMore app-ification has landed. It uses the awesome Tapatalk engine to give you access to the iMore forums, from reading to posting, from iPhone and iPod touch to iPad. That's right, it's a universal app!

We originally wanted to include this in the main iMore app but figured out early on that the forums deserved their own, dedicated app. We didn't want to compromise the experience of either app by shoe-horning them into one, least-of-both-worlds container. And with the iMore Forums app, I think it shows we made the right decision.

The amount of stuff you can do with the iMore Forums app is just stupendous. Powered by our incredible community, you can get help on any problem, with any device, in just a few taps. You can share your knowledge and help other members as well. You can trade wallpapers and ringtones, talk about how you use your iPhone or iPad for music or photography, for fitness or gaming. You can discuss all the latest rumors and share your visions for the future of iOS and the next generation iPhone. And you can enter all of the amazing contests we run (including iPad and iPhone giveaways!)

The iMore Forums app joins the Android Central Forums app and CrackBerry Forums app so no matter which device, no matter what platform, you can get your Mobile Nations community fix wherever you are and whenever you want!

So go grab the iMore Forums app now and get posting!

Free - Download now

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