Friday, August 31, 2012

The Fake Android Powered iPhone 5 Is Already On Sale

Even large companies expect to have a bit of competition from counterfeit and copies, but when a device hits the net way before your new product is released, that must be a bit annoying! In this case the device is the iPhone 5, which Apple will be launching this September or October! However, the GooPhone Y5 claims many of the features rumoured to be coming with the iPhone 5, Apple will not be pleased.

These are some of the specs available according to the GooPhone website;

Original 960 x 640 retina screen, 8 million true pixels 3264 x 2448 Blue camera, MTK6575′s top chip, equipped with 1G frequency, 4G large ROM, dual-processor, powerful 3D graphics accelerator, Android 2.3.6 smart system, the reaction rate is four times that of the old section of the game software compatibility is higher than 250% of the old section of the graphics processing power of the old section of 2.5 times, using 40 nanometer low-power technology, more than 30% energy saving than the old models.

Even though this may be rip of the forthcoming iPhone 5 expect to pay around $200 in the US or 127 in the UK, for this non Apple or iOS version!

Source [The Register]

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  1. lol, that's chinese clone is one step ahead :D

    How much is that fake iPhone 5 anyway?