Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Best GolfBuddy

If you ever golf with a rage finder or GPS you know the inherent issues: where to leave it between shots, fishing it out of your pocket, seeing the screen, etc. Though they can be a hassle, most of us that use them won't give them up. Accurate course knowledge does make a difference in the final score.

The good folks at GolfBuddy offer a stellar line of full golf GPS units including their uuber Platinum unit. Yet for someone like me who is put off by the hassle of carrying or storing it between shots the bigger units don't pass muster. This is the exact reason why the GolfBuddy Voice, $128 at Amazon.com, looks to be my next golf friend. Attach the gadget to your belt, hat, shirt or leave it in your pocket. As you push the button the buddy will tell you distance to front, center or back of the green. 40,000 courses from around the world are pre-loaded into the unit and no annual fee is required. Using GPS it automatically identifies course and hole - though it can be manually adjusted if needed. With a few more button pushes you can also set marks or measures for your shots. So if you want to know yardage, but don't need the bulk of an extra device get a new buddy for the course!

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